Increased Yield and Decreased Flowering Time

Agritainer offers our technology either as a plug-and-play pre-fabricated unit or we can customize a technogro solution that fits your individual needs.

Plug-and-play solutions


  • Our sealed grow chambers are pre-built at our manufacturing facility in Sacramento, California
  • After heavily modifying a shipping container, the unit is fit with our light module, grow area, nutrient delivery system module, and then paired to a control unit which houses the nutrient preparation modules
  • The control room is capable of monitoring and controlling up to ten grow rooms and nurseries to supply those rooms – adding extra control units will allow for more grow areas
  • The pre-fabricated units are fully scalable, stackable, and capable of becoming self-sufficient with the addition of solar panels and/or a natural gas turbine to allow for co-generation
  • The units can also be fully insulated to allow for placement in extreme conditions (no building shell required)

Customized grow solutions


  • Have you already got a sealed unit hydroponic grow? Agritainer can retrofit your existing sealed unit grow area to maximize the efficiencies of an existing grow by adding our control unit, light modules, and proprietary ultra-pressure fogponic nutrient delivery system
  • We can also design a grow area in an existing building shell, customizing and enhancing the efficiency of the space using our stackable pre-fabricated units
  • Our expert design crew can review and assess your grow needs to recommend a customized grow solution that will fit your needs and allow you to maximize your profits from your existing space